Hey there!

I’m Alex. A Newcastle based Newborn & Family photographer.

A day dreamer, chaos embracer, story teller and an absolute sucker for capturing the authentic and emotive connection. I encourage an ambience of life, honesty, laughter and raw emotion during my photography sessions and narrate these core values through beautiful candid imagery.

I'm raising my own two wildings Lennon (2) and Van (1), they keep me on my toes and this year we having started a project we call #somewherenew52, where I take the kids somewhere they have never seen at least once a week. Both them and their Daddy are the loves of my life and have taught me to slow down, to appreciate the small things and to follow my heart. It’s not always easy, but I am grateful for the journey and all the lessons along the way.

I've had a creative medium in my hand since I was a child, the creative world is a pretty place I've always been most happy and I seriously pinch myself that I get to combine my love for adventure and photography for a living. 

My Tribe - Taken by Trina Cary

My Tribe - Taken by Trina Cary