Little Brownies

What better way to kick off my blog with these cool cats. Little Brownies is a children’s shoe and clothing label which oozes dreamy bohemian goodness. I absolutely LOVE this label so I was jumping out of my skin when Jess asked me to photograph her new collection. Isla, Maycee, Tommie, Betty, Flynn, Lola and all their creative mumma's were such a dream to work with. The kiddos were so easy-going and happy to spend the day lapping up the sunshine in some cool threads, enjoying each others company and laughing at my lame jokes. Mid shoot the weather got stinking hot (there may have even been a little dude opting for a nudie run), but a change of scenery closer to the sea, with ice-creams and swims post-shoot was the perfect way to wrap up the day. 

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