Our little escape to Sandbar

Our little family has been so busy since the beginning of festive season and it had been ages since we had spent a weekend with just the 3 of us (4 including the bump). Blake had organised annual leave to go to Bathurst for some car race, but I twisted his arm to head up the coast instead. Best...decision...EVER!

Most my childhood holidays were spent camping up the Great Lakes and I plan to keep up the tradition. We had originally planned to stay at Neranie but it was a little over crowded, so we camped at Sandbar instead. I can't recommend this place enough if you have young children, it's ankle deep water for as far as their little legs will take them, which means you can actually sit down for more then 30 seconds! We got a beach permit for the car and had full stretches of the beach and lake to ourselves... We'll be back up there in no time!

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