National Breastfeeding Awareness Week and World Breastfeeding Week | Breastfeeding Newcastle Photography


August is around the corner which means the movements of Breastfeeding awareness month and World Breastfeeding Week are almost here. Whilst so many of us celebrate and promote breastfeeding year round,  it's especially important to get loud with our message throughout August, there's power in numbers and this message needs to be heard... Breastfeeding is a human right and no mother can be forced to ignore the needs of her hungry baby.

In the early days of breastfeeding my first born, I built up so much anxiety over a scenario I was never faced with. It shouldn't be like that and I encourage every woman to nurse with confidence, there's nothing shameful about nourishing your baby. The fact of the matter is, women still in this day and age are met with confrontation and told to cover up, move, stop or leave... until the day comes where each and every single woman can feed their child/children without conflict, shaming, belittling or feeling embarrassed, we need change.