Wreck Beach with the Warrington's | Port Stephens Family Photographer


I have been photographing the Warrington’s since Nikki fell pregnant with Maycee 7 years ago and ever since we have been trading services. Nikki is my hairdresser, she tames my mane and I update her family photos... It’s been the best trade off ever, we have a mutual love for wine, vintage caravans and inappropriate humour, we love supporting each other and always have a good time when we catch up… though I always leave with massive wardrobe envy of her girls, always styled to perfection!

As always I absolutely LOVED hanging out with these legends! The entire session was so relaxed, I even took Blake and the kids who came in handy as assistants when I wanted to get some shots of Nikki and Dane together. Keep your eyes peeled for our next session when their amazing caravan renos are finished!

Alex Warden