My first solo camping trip with the kids


Last week I needed a change of scenery, as did the kids.. we were all short fused and testing each other’s patience, so I loaded them in the car and took them on my first solo camping trip away for a couple of nights up Myall River. 

I reversed the caravan… yup! Me! All by myself!! Parked up and realised we were surrounded by bindi’s, I was going to move then I had this genius “uh huh” moment, when I realised the bindi’s would stop the kids running to the water every 5 seconds (worked a treat!)

Once we were set up, I started dinner only to have the gas cooker explode, it burnt all my arm hair off but thankfully no one was hurt.   We found the silver lining when a huge pod of dolphins swam up the river whilst we were chewing on cold stir-fry, apparently they were there to watch Lennon’s muscles grow from eating her vegetables. The next morning she woke up at 5.30am and was screaming out “Dolphins you awake yet?” And sure enough about half an hour later they returned.

We made friends with a young family of German travellers camping next to us, the kids didn’t speak the same language but they bonded over sticks and sand. Lenn & Van were stuffed and down for a nap before lunch, as in BOTH ASLEEP AT THE SAME TIME I don’t even remember the last time that happened… total serenity for 3 hours, I lapped up every minute. They woke up happy, then wore themselves out until dinner, where they started falling asleep in their chairs… 2019 I hope you’re loaded with adventures like these.

Alex Warden