The Groves Family | Newcastle Maternity Photographer


Beautiful Brigita's Maternity photography session at Redhead Beach, NSW.

Authentic, happy & just all round great people to be around, I am so lucky to have photographed the  Groves family. I have worked with Brigita numerous time before to photograph her stunning collections over at her clothing label Indah Designs. Always so calm, beautiful and relaxed, this day was no exception. She was 34 weeks pregnant and as clique as it sounds "GLOWING!" 

I stress to families the importance of working around their children, with two of my own I know how temperamental they can be at different times of the day, a few hours difference can be the difference between a furby and a gremlin. Generally, your kids are either morning people and afternoon people, it's something you know better then anyone so if your babies are happiest when they first wake up, you can bet I'll be up at the crack of dawn for them. Little River is a morning person, a fun little one at that.

So I met Brigita, Nath and River down Redhead Beach to watch the sun come up, it was seriously so stunning, early starts are ALWAYS worth it (apparently even good for a sore groggy head, hey Nath? ;P)