Bus Living, Purpose And Pregnancy | Jinti Fell, Chris + Aya


Jinti, Chris and Ayana are soon to be a family of four, they travel full-time, living simply from their bus and are one of the most inspiring families I’ve ever come across. They have huge hearts of gold and genuinely want to see others believe in themselves and follow their dreams whatever they may be.

For those who might not know you and your beautiful little growing family yet, could you please introduce yourself?

My name is Jinti and I currently live on the road with my partner Chris and daughter Aya who is 3 years old. I’m also pregnant with our second child. We have been full time traveling since Aya was 10months old,  trying to navigate a passion and purpose led life outside of the 9-5 that we had previously been living.

What are you most grateful for living on the bus?
I’m most grateful for being able to raise our daughter together and the amount of time we have together being present out in nature, that was a real dream of ours to that when we had children we wanted to raise them raise in a calm and peaceful environment, the two of us together without Chris having to go and work, which led us to look into van living or bus living so we could  continue passion of travelling but be there every single day for our daughter.

We just adore watching your adventures unfold, Where have been some of your favourite places so far?
It’s really hard to say because there are so many incredible places, we’re constantly mind blown at how much beauty there is in the world. When you slow down to really appreciate and take in your surroundings, there’s just beauty everywhere.
We like to jump on google maps and pin a random spot by the ocean, lake or somewhere by a creek, often we’ve found they’re our favourites places, just quiet little spots that we’ve explored without any expectations.
Having said that Esperance in Western Australia is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Most of the beaches in South Australia were so unexpectedly beautiful, we could drive our Van down to the beach and there’d be no one around and just the most insanely beautiful beaches with magnificent backdrops.

Who inspires you and keeps you motivated to follow your dreams?
Definitely my partner and my daughter, becoming parents completely changed our entire lives, I think all parents can say the same. We have been so determined to be the best possible people we can be, because I feel I’m my daughters biggest role model and for us to go after our dreams, I hope and pray that she can go after hers. 

Do you have any advice for families who are wanting to travel more, make a lifestyle change and/or live on the road?
Change is possible, but take it one step at a time you don’t have to have all of the answers straight away. Get really clear on what you want and why you want it and really let go of everything in your life that isn’t adding value or contributing to that vision. Simplify in all areas, downsize, let go of the stress and just get clear on what you want, and then every day take little steps in that direction and before you know it you can really change your entire life. 

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Aya’s Top: Orbit the Label
Aya’s Swimwear: Zulu and Zephyr
Aya’s necklace: Tribal Dreaming
Jinti’s Bikini: Indigo Luna
Rug: The Wandering Folk