A Summer afternoon with the Preston's | Port Stephens Photographer


Some of you may have seen that I announced that we are moving the family back to Port Stephens.. I’ve gotta admit A LOT of the motivation to move home has come from the incredible sessions I’ve been having in the Bay lately. These Summery afternoons with families like the Preston’s remind me of my own childhood.. adventurous, carefree & fun, I feel so blessed to have grown up by the sea, so naturally I’d love for my own kids to create their own salty memories.

I had such an amazing time with Lee, Ange, Bonnie, Evie & their bulldog Barry! Bonnie & Evie were always 10 steps ahead of their parents, keeping them on their toes and leading them to the next activity or place to explore. There were bush walks, swims at sunset, champagne & cheese… the perfect Summer combo!

Alex WardenComment