Beach date with The Hollier Family at Birubi Beach | Port Stephens Photographer


When a client books me to photograph their family, one of my first questions is “What’s the funnest thing you do together as a family?” When you’re some where you feel comfortable and you’re all doing something you love, your session will unfold naturally, the kids are given the opportunity to be themselves and even your hubby who cringes at the thought of family photos will surprisingly enjoy himself.

When Jessie contacted me to photograph her beautiful family, we got talking about what their ideal afternoon looks like, 4X4 on the beach to find a secluded spot on their own, exploring and swimming until the sun goes down, from there I knew we were kindred spirits. So the only plan we put in place besides a date and time was to “go hang out for the afternoon” and that’s exactly what we did. The kids led most of the session, they included me in all of their fun as if I was there merely to enjoy the adventure with them. It wouldn’t be a family session at the beach without a siblings flicking sand each others eyes, but the tears were washed away and the fun continued. 

If the sun hadn’t have gone down, we wouldn’t have left. I went home and told Blake that it’s time to move back to the Bay. We dream of spending countless afternoons just like this raising our own kids in the Bay. Below are some of the highlights from the afternoon, Port Stephens you really are something special.

Alex WardenComment