Capturing special moments of your children and family

What is "lifestyle" photography?

Lifestyle photography is all about storytelling and capturing honesty. You really do just get to be yourselves and for the most part you won't even need to look at the camera. The aim is to create a photography session that is enjoyable for everyone, that captures real moments and connections. Prior to your photography session I like to get an understanding of the many different things that make your family unique, what activities you all enjoy, places you love and what personality traits each family member holds.

Where should we have our photos taken?

I recommend a location that holds significant value to your family. Somewhere everyone will feel comfortable to enjoy themselves and interact with each other. This can be outdoors or in the comfort of your own home.

What should we wear and bring to our session?

Wear whatever you are comfortable in and what is appropriate for the location. Remember a lifestyle photography session is all about capturing realness, and unless your family wears matching outfits on a day-to-day basis please avoid wearing the same thing. We also want the focus to be on you, so please avoid distracting logos and printed tee's. Just keep it relaxed and simple and if we’re at the beach throw in your swimmers & a towel.

I recommend bringing some spare clothes for the kids. Any sentimental things that could be brought along will be discussed and identified prior to your shoot.

What time of day do sessions take place and how long to they go for?

I'm a natural light photographer and typically I will always try to book my outdoor sessions near sunrise or sunset to take advantage of the light and pretty skies, of course we can make an exception if we need to. Indoor sessions can take place at any time of day provided there is enough light inside, I will talk you through identifying ideal areas in your home prior to your shoot.

What if someone falls sick on shoot day or the weather is horrendous?

We want everyone to be their happiest and healthiest. If someone falls sick your retainer fee is transferable to a later date and we will reschedule. A little rain or a cloudy day produces beautiful light and is not something to be worried about, however if it is really terrible we will reschedule to a mutually agreeable date.

Are there additional travel fees for location shoots?
Travel fees are included in the price for all shoots in the Newcastle/Port Stephens area. I am happy to travel outside these areas however there may be additional travel fees dependent on distance.