Capturing the precious moments in your newborn's life

What is a Fresh 48 session and how long do they go for?

Fresh 48 sessions are done within the first few days of birth, usually whilst still in hospital. They're a personal favourite of mine for so many different reasons, but particularly because that time is such a blurry haze and documenting this time helps new parents remember how special it was. Fresh 48 sessions only go for 30 minutes, I know all too well how exhausting those first few days are and I promise to capture the essense of this time within that short time frame so everyone can get back to rest and recovery.

How do we know when to book?
It's best to book for a Fresh 48 session 2 months before your baby's due date. Once I am notified of bub's arrival, I will make arrangements to come as soon a possible, usually within 1-2 days for all Newcastle Hospital stays.

What should we wear and bring to our session?
There is no need to get dressed up for the occasion, unless of course you want to. But there is nothing wrong with wearing your pyjamas, maternity singlets and your finest bed hair for this session. It's purpose is to capture the true essence of them first few days and there is so much beauty in this reality. Stitches, drips, bed socks, breast pumps and all, mumma is a birthing queen and she can wear whatever she wants. 

What time of day do sessions take place and how long to they go for?
I'm a natural light photographer and typically I will always try to book my fresh 48 sessions during the day to take advantage of any natural light that can enter to the room.