Let me capture the glow and beauty of your pregnancy

What is "lifestyle" maternity photography?

Lifestyle photography is all about storytelling and capturing honesty. When photographing expecting families, I like to document real and mostly unscripted moments that happen during a photo shoot. I will be there to provide you with some direction with some natural and comfortable posing to capture your beautiful bump. I digitally enhance all selected photos, however edits are kept natural-looking to deliver authentic images that reflect real life.


When should I get my maternity photos taken?

I generally recommend having your maternity photography session around 30-35 weeks, but it all comes down to your own personal preference and how you’re feeling. I have photographed women as late as 39 weeks pregnant, however if you can plan to have them done earlier I would highly recommend to do so, as your rest is important before your new baby arrives.

Where should we have our photos taken?

I recommend a location that holds significant value to your family. Somewhere everyone will feel comfortable to enjoy themselves and interact with each other. This can be outdoors, in the comfort of your own home or a bit of both.

Generally I will try to use the nursery, living room, main bedroom and at times the bathroom for indoor maternity sessions.


What should we wear and bring to our session?

It’s important that everyone feels comfortable in what they wear, keep things relaxed and simple. It is important that we can see your beautiful bump, maxi dresses and skirts photograph beautifully for maternity shoots. Please avoid distracting logos and printed tee's.

If you have older children, please ensure you pack an outfit change just incase we get a bit messy.

What time of day do sessions take place and how long to they go for?

Maternity sessions generally take 1-1.5hrs. I'm a natural light photographer and typically I will always try to book my outdoor sessions near sunrise or sunset to take advantage of the light and pretty skies, of course we can make an exception if we need to. Indoor sessions can take place at any time of day provided there is enough light inside your home.


What if someone falls sick on shoot day or the weather is awful?

We want everyone to be their happiest and healthiest. If someone falls sick your retainer fee is transferable to a later date and we will reschedule. We definitely don’t want any of your family out in bad weather, we can relocate to co-ordinate an in home photography session or if you have your heart set on an outdoor session we will try to reschedule to a mutually agreeable date before your baby arrives.